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  • Girasol Rose Quartz Raw (Brazil) 203G 55Mm Stones
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Love For Crystals, LLP

Girasol Rose Quartz Raw (Brazil)

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Formed with Sillimanite inclusions, Girasol ROSE QUARTZ is a variety of pink quartz with a milky opalescent sheen, giving the crystal a lovely soft silky glow.

ROSE QUARTZ assists to create a sacred space for visualization, dreaming, fantasy and artistic creation.

ROSE QUARTZ slows down overactivity to alleviate panic, fears, phobias and anxiety. A stone of love, ROSE QUARTZ helps us to be at peace within ourselves, accept ourselves and forgive others.

Bringing balance to the emotion, ROSE QUARTZ promotes control over impulsive behavior, empowering clear thinking - instilling a rooted, resilient, balanced confidence.