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  • Green Aventurine Raw Quartz (Brazil) P1 (40-50Mm) Stones
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Green Aventurine Raw Quartz (Brazil)

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Name of crystal: Green Aventurine

Common sources: Brazil, India

Astrological associations: Aries, Taurus, Virgo

Chakra: Heart

Healing qualities: Green aventurine is a motivational stone that helps in creativity, leadership and decision-making. It also helps deal with examination stress, and maintains a yin/yang balance.

Physical qualities: Great for regulating the heart, it is also good for muscles, lungs, the urogenital system, and eyesight especially long-sightedness and astigmatism

Emotional/Spiritual qualities: Green aventurine facilitates contact with spirit guides and prevents “energy vampires” from sapping energy. Thus, it is a protective stone that also calms and soothes, aiding relaxation

Magical and mystical qualities: Known as the fairy treasure, place three green aventurines in a dish in front of your garden gnome to attract good luck into your home

Reference: The Crystal Healer – Philip Permutt, Crystal for Health – Cassandra Eason