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Lightning Strike Quartz Crystal (Brazil)

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Lightning Strike Quartz crystal is rare and connects to all of the the chakras.

Its high vibrational energy balances and aligns all chakra systems and energy fields, cleansing all of the energy fields of negative energy and raising ones vibrations to a higher level.

Lightning Strike Quartz is supportive in breaking the bonds of fear and combat any serious traumas of any kind.

It can help to change paths and patterns.

If you are stuck and and having a hard time moving forward, this crystal can assist with becoming un stuck.

Lightning Strike Quartz directs energy so that the energy can be moved and transferred causing a rapid energetic response.

The vibrational energy of Lightning Strike Quartz allows one to be open to higher dimension energies so that one can easily  acknowledge and release deep emotional patterns at a cellular level, which helps one to be able to move forward on ones path in this lifetime.

Lightning Strike Quartz can enable one to connect to others by focusing ones thoughts, this way the thoughts and feelings can be understood by others.

Metaphysical healing lore says that Lighting Quartz can help you heal more quickly and is also used for cellular purification.

Lightning Strike Quartz also called Flash Stone is known to be the result of lightning traveling through a quartz crystal while still in the ground.

This happens in the Serra do Espinhaco Mountains of Brazil.

These mountains are frequently hit by orographic thunderstorms reaching velocities of ms and it achieves plasma temperature of 30,000 C in nanoseconds.

The stresses caused by this very rapid heating and cooling, along with the intense electrical charge and the high pressure, creates a characteristic fracture pattern on the surface of the affected quartz crystals.

When lightning strikes the ground it can fuse sand into silica based rock tubules known as fulgurite, and the immensely high temperatures and pressures generated in the area of the lightning strike alter the chemical composition of quartz crystals exposed to lightning.

The surface of lightning-struck crystals displays a characteristic zig-zag incursion that is quite distinctive, and unlike normal surface inclusions found in other crystal formations.

Crystal healers have determined that lightning-struck crystals exhibit a number of desirable and unusual energetic properties. These crystals have an enhanced ability to receive, amplify and transmit Universal Life Force Energy, also known as prana or chi. 

Those who are sensitive to subtle energies can feel a tingling sensation in the body, and a "fluffing" of the auric field when in the vicinity of a lightning struck crystal, or when holding one in the hands.

This is the result of the elevation of the frequency of energy in the human aura when in contact with one of these unique crystal specimens, and indicates that the crystal is accelerating the flow of Universal Life Force energy in the human bio-field and throughout the meridian and chakra system associated with and governing the functionalities of the physical body.

For this reason, lightning struck crystals are ideal to help equilibrate the energy bodies of individuals who are suffering from conditions of "stagnant chi", low energy conditions, and "chi deficiencies" of all kinds.

In addition, lightning struck crystals are true Ascension stones, because they both elevate the frequencies within the individual's energy field and increase the flow of energy in body, mind and aura.

The increased and elevated energetic flow enhances the individual's ability to meditate, to connect with Higher Mind and to concentrate when performing arduous tasks requiring mental discipline.