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  • Magnifier Quartz Raw Stones
  • Magnifier Quartz Raw Stones
  • Magnifier Quartz Raw Stones
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Magnifier Quartz Raw Stones

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Robert Simmons writes: Magnifier Quartz got its make because it is a powerful enhancer of the energies of almost all other stones. It is a kind of vibrational turbo-charger that can be applied to amplified the effects of just about anything. This makes them invaluable for constructing crystal tools, and for stone grids and body layouts. They can be added to wands, carried in medicine bags, placed with stones in ones environment, put on healing altars, included in elixirs, or ant of hundreds of other applications where one wishes to increase the power of stones and/or ones intention. Magnifier Quartz increase the power of ones intent, as well as the vibratory intensity of other stones.åÊ
åÊMagnifier Quartz is a catalyst for all sorts of synergies, and can be dispensed to members of groups who are working together, to enhance their cooperation and effectiveness, and to inspire creative visions. I even suggest placing the stones in ones cabinets and refrigerator, to enhance the life force and the energetic nutritional value of foods. Taping them ones vitamin bottles is another way to reap their benefits by stimulating the vibrational patterns of the vitamins. Affixing them to ones water bottles is a way of empowering and programming the water one drinks to be of maximum benefit. Putting them inside a hat or headband can be done to increase the quality of ones mental processes. There is literally no end to the possibilities of life enhancement for which one can utilize Magnifier Quartz. And the stones themselves are inexpensive, so one can use them rather lavishly.