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  • Marialite Natural Crystals 25Mm Raw Stones
  • Marialite Natural Crystals 25Mm Raw Stones
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Marialite Natural Crystals 25mm

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Robert Simmons writes: Marialites are pure expressions of the Golden Ray. They help one to master one's will and to achieve mental clarity. They aid one in dispelling habits that are not for one's highest good, and they inspire the development of new patterns of behavior which work for the good of all.åÊ
They stimulate the solar plexus, seat of the will, and indeed they do enhance one's willpower. They are ideal allies for anyone who is dieting or attempting to stop smoking, as they help to cleanse the cells of the tendency to repeat longstanding precedents of self-harm. The mental clarity they engender helps one to follow the paths one knows are good, but may have had trouble following because of confusion based in emotional imbalance.åÊ
Marialites are connected to the Divine Feminine, and one can call upon Her to aid one in making the wholesome changes one wishes for one's life. Marialite inspires generosity and selflessness, and it encourages the open sharing of affection with others.