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  • Mystic Merlinite Tumbled (Madagascar) Stones
  • Mystic Merlinite Tumbled (Madagascar) Stones
  • Mystic Merlinite Tumbled (Madagascar) Stones
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Mystic Merlinite Tumbled (Madagascar)

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Mystic Merlinite can part the veil between visible and invisible worlds, opening the doors to deeper intuitive abilities.

It aids the development of psychic abilities and can facilitate the opening of the dormant areas of the mind and in recalling knowledge and talents from past lives.

It increases the sensitivity to the communications of the subtle realms allowing one to talk with plant and animal spirits as well as other entities in the spirit worlds.
It is a stone that is directly linked with the elemental energies of the Earth, wind, water, fire, water and storm.
Perfect stone for working with the elements for manifestation or awakening mystical experiences.
Mystic Merlinite will help to expand the consciousness to self-awareness to the truth of ones being.
From Stones of the New Consciousness by Robert Simmons