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  • Natural Honey Citrine Flame (Brazil) 248G 80Mm Crystal Polished
  • Natural Honey Citrine Flame (Brazil) 209G 80Mm Crystal Polished
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Love For Crystals, LLP

Natural Honey Citrine Flame (Brazil)

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Citrine Flame is a true wonder of nature, a stunning display of fiery beauty and radiant energy.

This beautiful flame, with its sunny honey golden hue, is a symbol of joy, abundance, and positive energy.

And when shaped into a flame, it creates a mesmerizing display of light that will fill your home with warmth and happiness.

This beautiful citrine flame is not just a pretty decoration, it also has powerful healing properties.

This Citrine flame is a true treasure. It attracts wealth, prosperity, and success, while also promoting a positive outlook and a sense of joy and well-being.