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  • Owl Crystal Carved 2 (50Mm) Rhodonite (Per Pair)
  • Owl Crystal Carved 2 (50Mm) Opalite (Per Pair)
  • Owl Crystal Carved 2 (50Mm) Blue Sodalite (Per Pair)
  • Owl Crystal Carved 2 (50Mm) Golden Quartz (Per Pair)
  • Owl Crystal Carved 2 (50Mm) Tigers Eye (Per Pair)
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Love For Crystals, LLP

Owl Crystal Carved 2” (50mm)

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Owl symbol is a source of good luck, wisdom, knowledge and protective energies.

The ancient Chinese philosophy also regards the Owl as a powerful totem to attract prosperity and abundance.

To drive away negative energies

Position the figurine facing the traffic outside the home. This helps deflect the poison arrows moving towards the house.

To improve money circulation

Decorate the southeast or the south corner of fame and reputation with a beautiful image of the bird.  

To enhance knowledge

Positioning the symbol on a working table or study table will ensure you are surrounded by beneficial energies that bring success, wisdom and knowledge.