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  • Protection Empowerment Crystal Kit By Audrey (Pocketsized) Crystal Kits
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Love for Crystals


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BY AGARTHA, Nature's gift


This kit can help provide protection in many forms:

- When traveling to ensure a safe trip.

- Protection from negative energies.

- Guard against a bad business relationship.

- Protection against bad luck and illness.

This Kit contains:

Amethyst (South Africa)- Seals your auric field

Labradorite (Madagascar) - Cleanses your aura

Bronzite (Brazil) - repels all negativity

Black Onyx (India)- Gives grounding and protection

Black Obsidian (Mexico)- Helps banish entities and protects the aura


Crystal Kits in Pouches are very effective remedies to certain condition or situation.

The crystals in the pouch are extra small, pocket-sized crystals for easy-carry.

They are carefully selected, cleansed, charged and blessed to enhance the best energy for each situation. They are fueled with love and positive energies.

Use your pouch by carrying with you or keep in your purse, bag, pocket or simply hold in your hand when you need it.

The pouch can be placed in any room where you need it the most.

It can also be used as a “wishing-pouch” by writing any related requests or petition and place the pouch near your petition and the energy of the crystals will magnify and help bring positive results.

You may also use the crystals to create your own personal grid.