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  • Qilin/Kirin Luili Glass Crystal (9X5X8Cm) Per Pair With Box (Feng Shui 2024) 9X5X8Cm Carving Crystal
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Qilin/Kirin Luili Glass Crystal (9x5x8cm) Per Pair with Box (Feng Shui 2024)

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Qilin is a Mythical Chinese Unicorn  represents auspiciousness with functions of protecting houses, warding off evil influence and bringing improvement in wealth.

In Chinese legend, the Qilin is said to bless people with good luck.

It is believed this creature will bring good fortune and success to whoever places its image in their homes.

It is also regarded as good luck when placed in business establishments.

Placing it at home can bring you fortune and prosperity, guard your house and ward off ill fortune.

Luili Art Glass

Liuli means crystal in Chinese. Art pieces created from the liuli material produce a mystifying and indescribable experience.


Qilin For Protection

Qilin can be placed in a foyer near the main door but never face the front door

Qilin For Wealth

Place its image in the wealth area of your home or business to attract abundance and prosperity.

Qilin For Career Luck

Use the symbol as a desk decoration. This is a great way to improve your career luck.