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  • Rosen Cluster Mini Clusters (Very Rare) Brazil Caves Geodes And
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Rosen Cluster Mini Clusters (Very Rare) Brazil

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Rosen Cluster is a rare & unusual form of rose quartz, given its rosy pink coloring by the mineral magnesium sulfate.

Its many crystals fold out elestial like into a curving, swirling form reminiscent of a flower opening its blooms from a rich pink rose quartz matrix. The 'blooms' are individual Crystallized Rose Quartz termination point.

Rosen cluster can be valuable in releasing energy stuck in the heart chakra, and also help us  to attain a feeling of safety and emotional security that is supportive of all spiritual practices designed to open the heart chakra, and develop compassionate feelings, thoughts and actions.

Rosen Cluster is perfect to place on your altar, by your bed or in the room of a loved one or one who needs extra emotional support.

It imparts a warm pink glow and elevates the emotional frequency of the environment in which it resides.