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  • Ruby Zoisite Raw (Tanzania) 205G 75Mm
  • Ruby Zoisite Raw (Tanzania) 175G 60Mm
  • Ruby Zoisite Raw (Tanzania)
  • Ruby Zoisite Raw (Tanzania) 84G 55Mm
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Love For Crystals, LLP

Ruby Zoisite Anyolite Raw (Tanzania)

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A combination of Ruby stone and Green Zoisite.

Ruby Zoisite has strong life force energies that make it an effective stone for healing. It will bring whoever wears it positive and happy feelings that will fight emotional diseases like depression.

It can enhance positive energy flow that can help with various physical complaints. It will help boost your immune system and ease adrenal fatigue.

When it comes to wealth, this is a very lucky stone to have.

It will attract energies of prosperity and abundance.

Ruby Zoisite will bring more joy and happiness into your life. It can help you release your pain and sorrow during your time of grief. It will also give you the spiritual comfort that you need.