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  • Smoky Quartz Palm Stone 50Mm Aaa (Brazil) Photo 1 Crystal Polished
  • Smoky Quartz Palm Stone 50Mm Aaa (Brazil) Photo 2 Crystal Polished
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Love For Crystals, LLP

Smoky Quartz Palm Stone AAA (Brazil)

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Smoky Quartz palm stones are known for their grounding and protective properties.

They help to dispel negative energy, stress, and anxiety, promoting emotional calmness and clarity.

Smoky Quartz also aids in enhancing focus and concentration, making it an excellent tool for meditation and mindful practices.

Additionally, it supports physical healing and detoxification, encouraging overall well-being.

Carrying or meditating with a Smoky Quartz palm stone can help you stay balanced, protected, centered, and connected to the Earth.