STABILITY Bracelet (Men's Premium Series) Tiger's Eye, Labradorite & Stainless Steel Spacers

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This bracelet is a collection from the MEN's PREMIUM SERIES, specially designed For STABILITY, with style, luxury & comfort!

A beautifully-made bracelet of TIGER's EYE (Giving Stability & Energetic Anchor),  LABRADORITE (Aura cleanser) with unique stainless steel metal spacer (designs vary based on availability) for amplifying the energies of the crystals!

When worn, it Helps release tension & bringing anchor and stability, Protects the aura, Raises energetic frequency and Creates steadiness and balance!

Cleansed, Charged & Attuned with higher vibrational frequency!

Designed & Made by Audrey.


Note: Color variation and inclusions occur in natural crystals.

Photos may not be representative of final product.