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  • Stonehenge Bluestone 15Mm/4Gms Tumbled Stones
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Love For Crystals, LLP

Stonehenge Bluestone 15mm/4gms

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The energy of the Bluestone is of oneness and healing. This stone is a deep soul healer and will assist in past life regression, and soul healing of past lives. It is a stone of all that is, all that was, and unlocking deep cellular memory from past lives to bring forth knowledge for this time we are facing now. 
As the planet is changing to higher vibrations and dimensions, Bluestone is needed to help complete the planetary grid, and accelerate the vibrational energies to access the deep cellular knowledge of Atlantean, Egyptian and Druidic lifetimes. To meditate with this stone will be to help to nourish, replenish and restore the balance the earthly vibrations and energies to bring about peace and harmony of man kind. It is a deeply peaceful powerful stone.