STUDY & EXAMS CRYSTAL KIT By Audrey (Pocketsized)

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Affirmation: " I am cheerfully confident and my mind absorbs knowledge and information. I celebrate good results, and so be it!"

This crystal Kit aids concentration, memory, focus and other attributes that help with exams, tests and studying.

Carry this kit inside the pocket or in a bag during exams. Try to hold this kit few minutes a day for one week before the exams. Best to carry everyday for improved focus.

This Kit Contains:

Hematite (Brazil) - helps with centeredness and confidence

Clear Quartz (Brazil) - helps with concentration and improves memory skills

Howlite (Zimbabwe)- helps to retain memory and develop a desire for knowledge

Fluorite (Mexico) - brings metal clarity and focus

Chrysocolla (Namibia) - helps in clearing negative thought patterns

Blue Lace Agate (Namibia)- promotes calmness and balance