Citrine Crystal also known as "Merchant Stone, Prosperity Stone or Manifestation Stone" has the ability to manifest prosperity, success, abundance and it is helpful in attracting money.

It's color varies from pale yellow, smoky to deep golden yellow depending on where it is found. Citrine crystals are abundant in France, Britain, Russia, Madagascar, Burma, Spain, the USA and Brazil.

The bright sunny color of citrine makes it a happy stone which brings the energy of joy and hope.

The qualities of citrine are: cleansing, motivating, invigorating, energizing, recharging. It works on the solar plexus, and when used on this area, helps develop self-confidence self esteem and promotes self expression.

How to use:

May be used as a jewelry to directly work on your auric field bringing the energy of self confidence, self expression, success and prosperity.

As a Druse, Geode, Cave- may be placed on the left most corner of your home facing the main door.

As an amulet, place in wealth corner which southeast of your space or carry it with you to attract all the benefits of the crystal.

May be placed in cash box to improve business.