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  • Multicoloured Banded Pastel Pink Lilac Ice Andara 86G
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Love For Crystals, LLP

Multicoloured Banded Pastel Pink Lilac Ice Andara

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Pastel Andara

The colors of this family are usually described as soothing, soft and neutral. The Pastel Andara is calming and gentle, creating an atmosphere of quiet ease, allowing the mind, body and spirit to relax into higher states of being.

HGW Pink.

HGW: the “Heart of God Within”. HGW Pink resonates at a higher heart octave, awakening the selfless, divine energy of the “Cosmic Heart”, freed from all judgments.


A pale lavender / violet color, Ascendant Lilac enlightens one with the divine essence of wisdom and faith. With god, all is now. Ascendant Lilac reminds us of our true reality in and as source, as beings of the now.

Ascendant Lilac Andara has a truly unique resonance that aids the connection to your Sovereign Spiritual Being. It brings to the forefront your Divine Presence and spiritual light. It opens the gateway between that which is and that which is possible.

Like all Andara crystals, Ascendant Lilac is both a healer and upper chakra activator. The lilac color also shares with Andara crystals the aspect and property of enhanced synchronicity.

The lilac color carries within it the resonance of the Violet flame of transmutation. The vibration of the color itself brings emotional healing, releasing stress, anxiety and depression.

Cosmic Ice.

Cosmic: Infinitely or inconceivably extended in space or time, vast and harmonious. White / clear is the color of Light, which permeates all reality, transcending time and space, revealing our true nature.

Andara crystal is a glass-like transmuted mineral complex from this naturally occurring mineral deposit high in monatomic minerals. This natural glass-like mineral complex exhibits extraordinary metaphysical properties.