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  • Shungite Tumbled (Russia) Per Piece 25-30Mm Stones
  • Shungite Tumbled (Russia) Stones
  • Shungite Tumbled (Russia) Stones
  • Shungite Tumbled (Russia) Stones
  • Shungite Tumbled (Russia) Stones
  • Shungite Tumbled (Russia) Stones
  • Shungite Tumbled (Russia) Stones
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Shungite Tumbled (Russia)

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Shungite is an ancient, 2 billion years old stone. This is a rare stone and can only be found in the Karelia area in Russia.

It is claimed to be an extremely positive stone and having the stone may bring you multitude of blessings.

Also known to have anti-oxidant attribution. The stone is said to absorb and eliminate anything that is health hazardous to human life and it has strong healing powers. Its healing qualities have the ability to neutralize harmful organism within your body.

Dedicated researchers and scientists have won the noble prize for their research about the gemstone. Shungite's valuable work of infusing our aura with light and positivity may one day make it's worth more valuable and expensive than gold.

Shungite is also able to shield you from the harmful effect of radiation from electro-magnetic field (emf) given off by electrical equipment a such as computers, mobile phones, microwaves, etc.

How to use it:

Place the stone near your computer, tv, mobile phones to shield you from absorbing EMF radiation.

It may be placed beside your bed, so it can purify your auric field from any harmful or toxic energy while you are asleep.

Very ideal to wear as jewelry as it will directly work on your auric field.

May you use to purify water or use to submerge in bathing water for clearing.

You may carry as an amulet of protection and healing mojo. Place directly on areas of pain, illness and discomfort within your physical body.